Come Again

comeagainJustin was just doing his best friend a favor. A little spell would ensure that he had just enough to get through a few extra orgasms for the Beltane festival. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing at all … and it continues not to go wrong after the festival has ended and he has returned to normal life. Only, it is not just his body that has changed; so have the reactions of women around him. If all magic has a cost, what will Justin have to pay to be the most desirable man around?

Come Again is a novella told in vignettes. It was created as a personal commission and is now available to you exclusively through Amazon.

Helen and the Man from Troi

helenOlivia is tired of watching her best friend Helen suffer through failed relationship after failed relationship. In order to pick up Helen’s spirits, she hires the services of a Manservant. His only job: whatever Helen wants.

Adam is a BDSM slave who, desperate for a job after being laid off, has become a Manservant. He is anxious about what submitting to the women who hire him will mean to his own dynamic. He has a job to do, however, and a woman as lovely as Helen should not have to suffer through heartbreak.

On the Fives Collection Two

Abernathy hCollectionTwopoint2as his whole life planned out perfectly – the woman he will marry, the job he will have. He even has his wedding night planned down to every last detail. His only problem – he does not want to go into it a virgin. 

Just how far will Mark go in Julie’s game? 

A story about Jack and Diane, and the sacrifices made for love and the perfect gift. 

Alan tries his best to be what other people expect, but even he knows that facade has to end one day. When he comes home to find his girlfriend naked with a story to tell, it may be enough to leave him undone. 

Darlene is a successful business woman with a vibrant sex life – in her mind. 

Cassie has just finished a 5 year sentence in prison for car theft and (accidental) kidnapping. Looking to reform herself, she makes the controversial move of placing herself in a rehabilitation program … as a sexual submissive. 

Jamie has wanted Ellen for a long time, and accepted long ago that he let that chance pass him by. Now her marriage is falling apart, and she has needs. What else is a best friend to do, but help in any way he can? 

“On the Fives” are short stories of different styles and flavors. Each one is a commissioned fantasy, personally crafted by Holle and now available to you. From a man’s exploration into his anima to infatuation between friends, join fellow readers as they explore their deepest fantasies.


On the Fives Collection One

onthefivesFranklin has decided to spend a week of his vacation immersed in his alter ego – Tasha Freeman.

“Can I swing?”

What is Mark to do when Julie goes from playful – to naughty?

Sada has her own designs for Katsuro, and sets out to humiliate Ayako any way she can. 

Katsuro and Ayako have met their match, and Sada will not let them forget it.

When a fellow Dominant calls into question the strength of submissives, Master Gregory cannot simply let it go without a challenge.

David has planned the perfect anniversary. He and Christine are, after all, celebrating not just one milestone, but two: twenty years as man and wife, and ten as Dominant and submissive.

“On the Fives” are seven short stories of different styles and flavors. Each one is a commissioned fantasy, personally crafted by Holle and now available to you. From a man’s exploration into his anima to a romantic anniversary dinner, join fellow readers and explore their deepest fantasies.


Heather in Haven

HHExplore submission and sexuality through the gates of Haven … Join Heather in her journey, from her introduction to the exclusive BDSM club and its owner Mistress Victoria to her explorations of sexuality and submission.






Current Projects




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