Heather in Haven Two

HH2“What do you like?” Mistress Victoria asked.

Heather shuffled one foot nervously and looked down. To have her Mistress anticipate her wants and deliver them, expect obedience, was one thing. To give them voice was another. What if she found her demanding, or worse, was turned off by the things Heather wanted, or wanted to try? What if her Mistress found her too vanilla and not worth the interest she had already shown?

Mistress shook her head and gave Heather a patient smile. She stepped forward and brought a hand up, tracing Heather’s shoulder with one finger, following down the length of her arm, then across to her torso, where she traced a circle around her belly button. Heather sighed as the muscles there trembled slightly and looked up at her Mistress.

“Nice, isn’t it?”

Heather nodded her head.

“That pleasant little jitter you are feeling now, it signals something is about to happen,” Mistress Victoria continued. She brought her hand down and danced her fingers between Heather’s thighs, before tracing her finger up to Heather’s corset, “the excitement of anticipation, of secrets about to be discovered or revealed.

“And in our little game of dominance and submission we find new ways to explore them. But submission is not a red letter,” Mistress traced an S, “across your chest. I am not here to boost my pride, and you are not here to be shamed. What I want is for you to feel free, to feel released to be and do all the things you imagine you want to do, those things in the back of your mind that you thought you had to hide from lovers for fear of being judged, of being ridiculed, of being turned away and spurned.

“Yours is to want and desire, and to tell me your fantasies. Mine is to consent to do them.”

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About holledolce

I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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