Heather in Haven Eight

HH8Mia rubbed her hands together, and Heather could see the fear and insecurity on display. She felt compassion for this woman, who was about to be pushed, maybe further than even John had taken her. Heather decided to give her time to breathe, and stepped back, so that Mia had clear path to the door. If she wanted to break away, if this was too much, she would not hold it against her. She would even find her and John together, and bring them back, let him show her the experiences that Mia was used to.

If she stayed, Heather wanted to make sure that Mia had time to think of the possibilities, to build up her anxiety, to allow her imagination to flourish before submitting to it.

Mia looked behind her to the door, and it seemed she recognized the choice she was being given. Heather kept her expression measured, letting her concern and sympathy show on her face. She did not want Mia to think she would be driven away. If power had been given to Heather, it was Heather’s right to let Mia wield a little of it.

Besides, Heather recognized what Mia was doing. Slavery was giving her freedom to experience things she would never have done before, and it was also relieving her of culpability. She wanted to make sure that Mia understood, even when she handed over that power, she was still responsible for how it was wielded. If it was too much, she could walk away.

Mia turned to Adam. “I’m ready.”

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About holledolce

I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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