Heather in Haven Finis

HHFMistress stroked Heather’s neck and Heather turned to face her. Heather could see any sign of disappointment gone. She had pleased her Mistress.

“You learn very quickly.” Mistress brought her fingers down to the rings in Heather’s nipples and teased them. “I have been so very pleased to watch you grow. Now, it is time. I want you to do something very special for me.”

“Anything, Mistress.” Heather looked up into Mistress Victoria’s eyes.

“I want you to find a new submissive.”

Heather stepped back. Mistress’ words were a slap across the face. Was she not pleasing anymore? Had she become too willful, too commanding with the slaves and patrons? She did not want to stop being Mistress Victoria’s submissive.


Heather shook her head. “I – I can’t.”

Heather turned and ran out the door. She made her way through the crowd of patrons swaying on the dance floor and dashed up the stairway to the balcony. She found a dark corner and sat down on the floor, pulling her knees up to her chin and trying, unsuccessfully to hold back tears.

What had she done to fail?

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About holledolce

I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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