Beauty’s Successive Heir

beautycover“You’re also a very beautiful young woman.”

A light blush touched Shanna’s cheeks and she looked down. Shanna stammered out something under her breath that Hanna could barely make out. It was both charming and disheartening. Women did not take compliments well, and this college generation was no different. There was no reason that a beautiful young woman should not be able to accept a compliment with a confident “thank you” if she were flattered, or a firm “get lost” if she were not.

“Follow me.” Hanna moved from her desk to the wall by one corner of the room, walking up to one of the posters that she had. She invited Shanna to stand in front of it, and she did so. “You’re tall and lithe. You have a bright face and an excellent body. You should have more confidence in it.”

“I’m too tall,” Shanna said. “I was almost a head taller than my last boyfriend. He was always intimidated by me.”

And we come to the source of the seriousness.

Hanna tilted her head up to emphasize her point. “I’m not intimidated.”

“That’s different.” Shanna shrugged her shoulders. “You’re my teacher.”

Hanna shook her head. “Not anymore. I think you’re very attractive, and I’d like to show you just how much so right now.”

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About holledolce

I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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