Gates of Haven Lesson Three

“Mistress?” Adam’s face was turned down but pointed to Mistress Victoria. “I need your permission to accept a job offer.”

Heather looked at Mistress Victoria, feeling confused by the statement. Adam was a slave, but his service only extended to his nights here at Haven. Mistress Victoria had no other claim to any other part of his life. Mistress looked amused and curious. Heather could also see patience, the same patience she extended to her sometimes and to Tanya for her training.

“Why do you need my permission to accept a job offer?” Mistress asked. “You’re free to pursue anything outside of Haven.”

“I know. I may have to work nights sometimes, and it could take away from my time here. Not often, but I have to be available once a week if needed.” Adam kept his face turned down. Heather could hear the earnestness in his voice and wondered. She could not see Mistress demanding that the club and his service come before his need to pay bills. He was not paid for his slave service here.

“I understand that can happen with jobs sometimes. I told you when you first offered your submission that your life and well being come first.” Victoria paused and studied her slave very carefully. Even though he did not show his face, Heather could see she was reading him in other ways. She tried to study his body, the posture he took, the tensing of his muscles, to see what it was the Mistress was reading. “What is it about this job that has you concerned that I will be offended?”

“It’s a job as a Manservant.” Adam’s voice broke on the last word, as though he had said something he knew would be offensive.

Tanya looked from Adam to Heather and mouthed her question, what is a manservant?

Heather smiled. She knew exactly what Adam’s work would entail. One had arrived at the office a few weeks ago, dressed in a full tuxedo and bearing flowers and gifts for one of the paralegals. He then sat patiently in the lounge waiting for her to get off work. He had treated her to an evening on the town, complete with back, and leg massage. The manservant was a present from her husband, who had unfortunately needed to extend his business trip and knew that she had been stressed most of the week.

Heather was certain Mistress Victoria knew what a Manservant was as well. Her Mistress continued to study Adam carefully before speaking again. “I think that you would be well suited to a job as a Manservant. You have a natural affinity for making people happy and seeing to their needs. Why do you think I would be bothered by the idea of it?”

“I would be taking commands from other women. Some of the guys told me stories of the things that women will ask them to do.” Adam looked up and Heather could see the sincerity on his face. Realizing his mistake, he looked down again quickly. “I don’t want to disrespect you or Miss Heather, Mistress.”

“He says after looking up,” Mistress said. Heather looked at her Mistress to see a smile on her lips. “I know some of the things the women ask for as well, and I don’t think you’re going to have any problems obliging them. How does Ellie feel about you taking the job?”

“She’s excited,” Adam said. “Even when I told her about some of the – of the demands, she thought it was a great idea.” Adam paused, took in a deep breath, and released it before continuing. “She wants me to bring back stories for her.”

Tanya let out a small giggle and covered her mouth. She was beginning to understand Adam and Ellie’s relationship. Heather had found a word for Ellie that seemed to help things truly click – compersion. Heather thought it went a little further than that. Ellie was aroused by the idea of Adam with another woman, cuckolded or not.

“You’re not going to feel comfortable until I tell you that you can take the job, are you?”

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I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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