The House Guest

thehouseguestcoverDaniel spent much of the next week out at interviews. Mark knew that the flirting from Julie was continuing. He suspected after their talk that it would probably pick up. He wondered what she would be getting up to, but she was not revealing it to him. Mark did not probe either. He liked wondering, using his imagination. It made him think of the other times they enjoyed her games, and he found that know knowing exactly what was happening was part of what made it so enjoyable.

They had been together for a long time. He knew almost everything he could about Julie. He knew every part of her body and all the ways she liked to be touched and pleased. Occasionally she would tell him some new story from her past, before they met. The stories were just events, however. They did not give him any new revelations about her.

When she flirted and did not share the details with him, he had a new mystery to unfurl. He knew that he would enjoy the stories when he finally heard them. He wondered who would break first in telling them, her, or Daniel. He thought it would be her. He could not see Daniel talking easily about the things Julie might do.

When the next weekend arrived, Mark had the time off from work. Molly would be in charge of the kitchen for the weekend. He would be taking it next weekend. He woke early enough on Saturday morning that he could mow the lawn and still enjoy the milder temperatures before the day grew hot. When he finished with the back yard, he saw Daniel on the porch with two glasses of tea. He took one and sat down in a chair, gesturing for Daniel to sit down in another.

His friend looked deeply troubled now, and Mark knew that he was going to have to probe now. Daniel was not ready for someone like Julie. She was too much flirtation, and Mark could tell that his friend did not know what to do with her.

“Talk to me.” Mark sipped his tea.

“I’m fine,” Daniel said. Mark could tell that he was lying.

Mark shook his head. “I know that Julie is flirtatious, and I know it can be overwhelming. I don’t mind it, and she enjoys it, but if it’s bothering you, I need to know.”

Daniel looked from his tea to Mark. His expression was a mix of shock and something else. “It’s not just flirtation.” He looked down at his tea. “It’s not just her either.”

“You’re flirting back?” The idea amused Mark. He could not imagine Daniel flirting with anyone.

Daniel breathed in deeply, and Mark understood that whatever had happened, it was a big deal to his friend.

“What happened? If Julie is taking things too far for you, I can talk to her. It’s okay.”

“This morning,” Daniel said. He did not look up from his glass. “I woke up and I heard the lawn mower. I decided I would get up and watch some television maybe. You know me. I can never be outside very long when a mower is going. I walked out of my room and heard moaning. Your door was open and I looked inside. You have that full length floor mirror. It was pointed at the bed and I could see Julie there, touching herself. I couldn’t look away. I just stood there watching her.”

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I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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