The Pick Up – the second story of a man told to Come Again

Any other man might be discouraged by the lack of success. Justin was O-for-trying, after all. Still, he enjoyed the music, and he enjoyed the boost of confidence that the music gave him. The club was, even with rejections, a pleasant way to relax and unwind before the end of the week.

Tonight, the mix of music seemed to carry Justin, and as he wandered around the club watching people on the dancefloor, he felt a swagger in his step that he did not normally have. He turned to see a young woman looking at him. He became suddenly self-conscious and looked down. When he glanced back up, she was smiling, and when he saw no one was behind him, he realized the smile was for him and no one else.

Justin took a breath and walked up to the small table, where she sat between the bar and the dancefloor. Dexys Midnight Runners crooned over Eileen above him as Justin indicated the chair across from her. She nodded, her smile growing a little broader as he sat down.

She was beautiful, with short blonde hair that touched her shoulders and bright green eyes. She had fair skin, and he wondered if it ever touched the sun. He noticed bright blue earrings on either ear that seemed to sparkle with her eyes, bringing out the green color.

“Those are really nice earrings.” Justin realized he had skipped over the hello part, but something in her smile told him they were past hello.

“Thank you.” She touched the earrings lightly with her fingers. Justin noticed they were painted in the same blue as her earrings. “I made them myself.”

Justin relaxed and leaned onto the table. She said something that gave him an opening for more conversation. “You’re really talented with jewelry.”

She blushed and gave a small, dismissive wave of her hand. “It’s just a hobby, really.”

“That’s some hobby, then.” Justin found her humility charming.

They talked as she sipped her drink. Her name was Claire, and besides making jewelry as a hobby, she worked as a secretary for a company Justin had never heard of. It was a financing company, so he was not surprised. Drones in cubicle farms had no need for business loans. As Claire finished her drink, she gave Justin a playful smile and nodded to towards the front of the club.

“Would you like to come back to my place?”

Justin was surprised by the suddenness of the question. He could not think of a time that a woman had asked him to come home with her from a club. He grew hard in his pants and knew he could only give her one answer. “Sure.”


The Beltane festival was exhausting, but Justin’s experience has given him a new confidence. Will it give him endurance as well when eyes meet his at a club?

Come Again

Justin was just doing his best friend a favor. A little spell would ensure that he had just enough to get through a few extra orgasms for the Beltane festival. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing at all … and it continues not to go wrong after the festival has ended and he has returned to normal life. Only, it is not just his body that has changed; so have the reactions of women around him. If all magic has a cost, what will Justin have to pay to be the most desirable man around?

Come Again is a novella told in vignettes. It was created as a personal commission and is now available to you exclusively through Amazon.


About holledolce

I am an author of BDSM erotica.
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