About Me

Welcome. I hope that you enjoy the stories you will find here. Each story of Heather in Haven is part of a larger body. The short fiction is designed to keep you intrigued and coming back for more. Your patronage is, of course, always appreciated.

As for me? I’m just a simple author of erotic works. I enjoy exploring BDSM scenarios and testing master-slave and power-exchange relationships in my work. I also enjoy allowing feminist ideas to inform my work. How, you might ask, can one possibly insert feminist ideas into a genre that is traditionally misogynistic? Well, in part by removing shame from sex and sexual exploration. Redefining that kinky feeling in the gut, the one that makes us blush and our heart race when something turns us on, from something we are ashamed of to something we embrace is one of the themes in my work. Another is highlighting sexual agency of the submissive and slave in the power-exchange relationship. Heather may give up her power to Mistress Victoria, but as the one who sets the boundaries of play from the beginning, she never gives up her Agency. In fact, helping Heather explore and strengthen her sexuality is one of her Mistress’ goals.

What is my experience in BDSM? Not nearly as glamorous as Mistress Victoria or Heather. I worked for a while as the secretary for a professional Dominatrix. Literally just a secretary. The closest I ever got to sessions was occasionally walking a client down to the dungeon. She did, however, teach me a lot about the Scene – the psychology, basic etiquette, and safety primarily. I left the Scene when other life demands had to take precedent, but my interest never faded, and I’m slowly re-entering it and using my fiction to explore my ideas.



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