Freelance Writing


In order to support my addiction to writing erotic fiction, I also offer ghostwriting services. I work with a variety of themes – BDSM, LGBT, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I also work with a variety of fetishes, kinks, and taboos. I also work with a variety of steam levels, from sweet to scalding. I do, however, have a few limits to what I work with.

  • No incest.
  • No abuse.
  • No criminal acts/drugs.
  • No underage participants.
  • No animals.
  • No non-consensual acts.
  • No Trademarked Names
  • No Fan-fiction

If you like my work and think you might like to hire me as a ghostwriter for your own erotic fiction, you can contact me two ways. For short stories, you can purchase my services through

If you do not have or do not use Fiverr or you are interested in a full-length work – anything over 30,000 words in length – then please contact me directly at Please include in the subject line of the email that you are contacting me about ghostwriting and include the following in the body of the email (note: do not send attachments unless I request them).

  • The approximate word count you want for the story
  • The sub-genre of romance/erotica
  • A basic idea of what you would like for the story. Please also indicate if you have a full plot outline or if you are requesting for me to create and develop a plot based on a rough idea or outline.
  • The time frame you want and/or need the story to be completed in

Article Writing

I also write articles through Fiverr and independently. You may contact me if you are interested in articles for your blog or website. Generally the same limits apply to articles as to short stories. note: I do write informational content about adult products, however I do not write user reviews. If you are looking for a review of erotica please contact Streetwraith Press After Dark.

If you are hiring my services independent of Fiverr, I only accept payments through PayPal. If we decide to work on a project together I will provide you a contract that can be electronically signed using the /signature/ format. The contract will also include the payment link for the work and all necessary terms.




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