Claire is back with a request. Will Justin have the energy to handle the demands of two women at once, or will he somehow fail to …

Come Again

Justin was just doing his best friend a favor. A little spell would ensure that he had just enough to get through a few extra orgasms for the Beltane festival. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing at all … and it continues not to go wrong after the festival has ended and he has returned to normal life. Only, it is not just his body that has changed; so have the reactions of women around him. If all magic has a cost, what will Justin have to pay to be the most desirable man around?

Come Again is a novella told in vignettes. It was created as a personal commission and is now available to you exclusively through Amazon.

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The Ice Queen

514m6kHQvaL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_“Justin, will you please come into my office?”

Justin pressed the red button on the square speaker. “Yes, Ms. Sumrall.”

Justin locked his computer and stood. She sounded annoyed, and Justin was not certain why the Ice Queen would want to see him. She liked to patrol the cubicle aisles looking for slackers, but when it came to actual work, Justin was outside of her purview. She was the executive in charge of the artistic side of the game projects. Justin was one of the drones that handled physics logic in the game. Marcus was over him, and Marcus never handed reprimands off to anyone else.

He walked to the Ice Queen’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Her voice sounded as cool as her moniker. Justin opened the door and entered, closing it behind him.

The office was sparsely decorated. Her desk contained only the barest of papers and her computer. Two chairs sat in front of the desk, each angled slightly. Justin started to walk to one of the chairs when Nichole stood. She walked around her desk to stand in front of him, forcing him to back up against the door in order to keep any personal space.

“Why do you have one of my girls fetching you coffee?” she asked coolly.

“I, um,” Justin struggled for his words. He had forgotten that Sally was on her team. “I didn’t. She just brought it over.”

Nichole nodded her head. “She told me the same thing when I asked her. I don’t mind fraternizing in the office, as long as everyone is respected. Do you know how hard it is for women in a business like this?”

“Yes ma’am.” Justin was well aware of the male to female ratio in this office, and how much work had been done to get it something close to even. A decade ago, women like Sally would have been a rarity here. In some companies they still were.

“I like your sincerity.” A new look entered Nicole’s eyes, lustful and commanding. Justin swallowed hard as she stepped closer to Justin, invading that personal space he had tried to maintain. “Take down your pants.”

“I’m sorry.” The command took him completely by surprise …

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The Pick Up – the second story of a man told to Come Again

Any other man might be discouraged by the lack of success. Justin was O-for-trying, after all. Still, he enjoyed the music, and he enjoyed the boost of confidence that the music gave him. The club was, even with rejections, a pleasant way to relax and unwind before the end of the week.

Tonight, the mix of music seemed to carry Justin, and as he wandered around the club watching people on the dancefloor, he felt a swagger in his step that he did not normally have. He turned to see a young woman looking at him. He became suddenly self-conscious and looked down. When he glanced back up, she was smiling, and when he saw no one was behind him, he realized the smile was for him and no one else.

Justin took a breath and walked up to the small table, where she sat between the bar and the dancefloor. Dexys Midnight Runners crooned over Eileen above him as Justin indicated the chair across from her. She nodded, her smile growing a little broader as he sat down.

She was beautiful, with short blonde hair that touched her shoulders and bright green eyes. She had fair skin, and he wondered if it ever touched the sun. He noticed bright blue earrings on either ear that seemed to sparkle with her eyes, bringing out the green color.

“Those are really nice earrings.” Justin realized he had skipped over the hello part, but something in her smile told him they were past hello.

“Thank you.” She touched the earrings lightly with her fingers. Justin noticed they were painted in the same blue as her earrings. “I made them myself.”

Justin relaxed and leaned onto the table. She said something that gave him an opening for more conversation. “You’re really talented with jewelry.”

She blushed and gave a small, dismissive wave of her hand. “It’s just a hobby, really.”

“That’s some hobby, then.” Justin found her humility charming.

They talked as she sipped her drink. Her name was Claire, and besides making jewelry as a hobby, she worked as a secretary for a company Justin had never heard of. It was a financing company, so he was not surprised. Drones in cubicle farms had no need for business loans. As Claire finished her drink, she gave Justin a playful smile and nodded to towards the front of the club.

“Would you like to come back to my place?”

Justin was surprised by the suddenness of the question. He could not think of a time that a woman had asked him to come home with her from a club. He grew hard in his pants and knew he could only give her one answer. “Sure.”


The Beltane festival was exhausting, but Justin’s experience has given him a new confidence. Will it give him endurance as well when eyes meet his at a club?

Come Again

Justin was just doing his best friend a favor. A little spell would ensure that he had just enough to get through a few extra orgasms for the Beltane festival. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing at all … and it continues not to go wrong after the festival has ended and he has returned to normal life. Only, it is not just his body that has changed; so have the reactions of women around him. If all magic has a cost, what will Justin have to pay to be the most desirable man around?

Come Again is a novella told in vignettes. It was created as a personal commission and is now available to you exclusively through Amazon.

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The Rite – the first story of a man told to Come Again (available for Pre-Order)



Justin looked around at the gathered men and women. He was not expecting the Beltane Festival to be as large as it was. He thought there were easily fifty or so people present. While most of them were women, enough men populated the small crowd of people for him to feel self-conscious. They were going to not just be seeing him naked; they were going to watch women pleasuring him for the benefit of the High Priestess of the festival.

He was not sure that he was okay with that.

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The House Guest

thehouseguestcoverDaniel spent much of the next week out at interviews. Mark knew that the flirting from Julie was continuing. He suspected after their talk that it would probably pick up. He wondered what she would be getting up to, but she was not revealing it to him. Mark did not probe either. He liked wondering, using his imagination. It made him think of the other times they enjoyed her games, and he found that know knowing exactly what was happening was part of what made it so enjoyable.

They had been together for a long time. He knew almost everything he could about Julie. He knew every part of her body and all the ways she liked to be touched and pleased. Occasionally she would tell him some new story from her past, before they met. The stories were just events, however. They did not give him any new revelations about her.

When she flirted and did not share the details with him, he had a new mystery to unfurl. He knew that he would enjoy the stories when he finally heard them. He wondered who would break first in telling them, her, or Daniel. He thought it would be her. He could not see Daniel talking easily about the things Julie might do.

When the next weekend arrived, Mark had the time off from work. Molly would be in charge of the kitchen for the weekend. He would be taking it next weekend. He woke early enough on Saturday morning that he could mow the lawn and still enjoy the milder temperatures before the day grew hot. When he finished with the back yard, he saw Daniel on the porch with two glasses of tea. He took one and sat down in a chair, gesturing for Daniel to sit down in another.

His friend looked deeply troubled now, and Mark knew that he was going to have to probe now. Daniel was not ready for someone like Julie. She was too much flirtation, and Mark could tell that his friend did not know what to do with her.

“Talk to me.” Mark sipped his tea.

“I’m fine,” Daniel said. Mark could tell that he was lying.

Mark shook his head. “I know that Julie is flirtatious, and I know it can be overwhelming. I don’t mind it, and she enjoys it, but if it’s bothering you, I need to know.”

Daniel looked from his tea to Mark. His expression was a mix of shock and something else. “It’s not just flirtation.” He looked down at his tea. “It’s not just her either.”

“You’re flirting back?” The idea amused Mark. He could not imagine Daniel flirting with anyone.

Daniel breathed in deeply, and Mark understood that whatever had happened, it was a big deal to his friend.

“What happened? If Julie is taking things too far for you, I can talk to her. It’s okay.”

“This morning,” Daniel said. He did not look up from his glass. “I woke up and I heard the lawn mower. I decided I would get up and watch some television maybe. You know me. I can never be outside very long when a mower is going. I walked out of my room and heard moaning. Your door was open and I looked inside. You have that full length floor mirror. It was pointed at the bed and I could see Julie there, touching herself. I couldn’t look away. I just stood there watching her.”

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Love Endless

lovendlesscoverChiran did a double take when he saw her face on the screen. She had a small part, only a peasant girl among many, but the delicate curve of her cheek, the way that her dark hair lay on her shoulders, and the way that her lips curled up in a smile, he knew that she was Padma. A deep panic filled Chiran, and he almost missed the intermission.

He had flown to London from India believing that he was following some deeper calling, and the woman who his dreams told him called out to him was back in India. Chiran stepped out of the projectionist booth during the intermission and made his way down to the bathroom. As patrons moved about between the stalls, sink, and doors, Chiran splashed his face with cold water.

“The movie’s not that bad is it?” a voice asked as Chiran wiped his face with a towel.

Chiran lowered the paper towel to see Kumar Bhave looking at him in the mirror. He knew that face. Anyone who lived in or around Mumbai did. Kumar rebuilt the school in Chiran’s village after the earthquake and visited the village often to see how money he invested was spent. Chiran had never trusted the charity. Kumar had never given him reason to distrust it, so Chiran always thought it was jealousy.

He doubted the Kumar would recognize him. Chiran balled up the paper towel and gestured to his nametag.

“It gets a little hot in the projection booth,” Chiran said.

Kumar smiled. “I suppose so, with all of the computers in there. Thank you for making sure we have a good show.”

With that, Kumar walked out of the bathroom. Chiran looked at himself in the mirror and wondered about his own feelings. He always felt a strange misgiving about that man, but now something else was at play. Was it dread that he felt, or something else? He had no idea why seeing him here would be unnerving. It was certainly not surprising. Kumar Bhave had made no secret about his financial support of the movie.

It was, he thought, just his panic over realizing that he had missed his Padma somehow.

Chiran opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. He tripped over something and nearly spilled into a sea of silver that was a woman’s dress. He caught himself on a potted tree and offered his apology anyway.

When she turned, Chiran’s breath caught in his throat. She was his Padma, as beautiful with her dark hair pulled up into an untidy bun as she had been on the bank of the river in his dream. Her onyx eyes widened and her hand flew up to her soft lips. Chiran could not move. He could only look into her eyes, as he knew that she recognized him.

“Amrita!” Kumar’s voice spoke from the crowd.

Chiran blinked as Kumar’s hand reached for hers gently. She gave him a smile and turned to him.

“I’m sorry, my mind drifted,” she said as Kumar brought her hand to the crook of his arm. She followed him into the crowd as Kumar explained that they needed to get to their seats.

Chiran remembered that he needed to get to his projection booth and hurried back up the stairs. He wanted to be relieved that he had not left Padma behind, but his mind raced as he closed the door to the booth and displayed the signal for guests to return to the theatre. He wanted to be relieved, but he thought it was an ominous coincidence that she was with Kumar Bhave.

He only wished he could remember why.

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Gates of Haven Lesson Three

“Mistress?” Adam’s face was turned down but pointed to Mistress Victoria. “I need your permission to accept a job offer.”

Heather looked at Mistress Victoria, feeling confused by the statement. Adam was a slave, but his service only extended to his nights here at Haven. Mistress Victoria had no other claim to any other part of his life. Mistress looked amused and curious. Heather could also see patience, the same patience she extended to her sometimes and to Tanya for her training.

“Why do you need my permission to accept a job offer?” Mistress asked. “You’re free to pursue anything outside of Haven.”

“I know. I may have to work nights sometimes, and it could take away from my time here. Not often, but I have to be available once a week if needed.” Adam kept his face turned down. Heather could hear the earnestness in his voice and wondered. She could not see Mistress demanding that the club and his service come before his need to pay bills. He was not paid for his slave service here.

“I understand that can happen with jobs sometimes. I told you when you first offered your submission that your life and well being come first.” Victoria paused and studied her slave very carefully. Even though he did not show his face, Heather could see she was reading him in other ways. She tried to study his body, the posture he took, the tensing of his muscles, to see what it was the Mistress was reading. “What is it about this job that has you concerned that I will be offended?”

“It’s a job as a Manservant.” Adam’s voice broke on the last word, as though he had said something he knew would be offensive.

Tanya looked from Adam to Heather and mouthed her question, what is a manservant?

Heather smiled. She knew exactly what Adam’s work would entail. One had arrived at the office a few weeks ago, dressed in a full tuxedo and bearing flowers and gifts for one of the paralegals. He then sat patiently in the lounge waiting for her to get off work. He had treated her to an evening on the town, complete with back, and leg massage. The manservant was a present from her husband, who had unfortunately needed to extend his business trip and knew that she had been stressed most of the week.

Heather was certain Mistress Victoria knew what a Manservant was as well. Her Mistress continued to study Adam carefully before speaking again. “I think that you would be well suited to a job as a Manservant. You have a natural affinity for making people happy and seeing to their needs. Why do you think I would be bothered by the idea of it?”

“I would be taking commands from other women. Some of the guys told me stories of the things that women will ask them to do.” Adam looked up and Heather could see the sincerity on his face. Realizing his mistake, he looked down again quickly. “I don’t want to disrespect you or Miss Heather, Mistress.”

“He says after looking up,” Mistress said. Heather looked at her Mistress to see a smile on her lips. “I know some of the things the women ask for as well, and I don’t think you’re going to have any problems obliging them. How does Ellie feel about you taking the job?”

“She’s excited,” Adam said. “Even when I told her about some of the – of the demands, she thought it was a great idea.” Adam paused, took in a deep breath, and released it before continuing. “She wants me to bring back stories for her.”

Tanya let out a small giggle and covered her mouth. She was beginning to understand Adam and Ellie’s relationship. Heather had found a word for Ellie that seemed to help things truly click – compersion. Heather thought it went a little further than that. Ellie was aroused by the idea of Adam with another woman, cuckolded or not.

“You’re not going to feel comfortable until I tell you that you can take the job, are you?”

Gates of Haven Lesson Three is available exclusively on Amazon.

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Beauty’s Successive Heir

beautycover“You’re also a very beautiful young woman.”

A light blush touched Shanna’s cheeks and she looked down. Shanna stammered out something under her breath that Hanna could barely make out. It was both charming and disheartening. Women did not take compliments well, and this college generation was no different. There was no reason that a beautiful young woman should not be able to accept a compliment with a confident “thank you” if she were flattered, or a firm “get lost” if she were not.

“Follow me.” Hanna moved from her desk to the wall by one corner of the room, walking up to one of the posters that she had. She invited Shanna to stand in front of it, and she did so. “You’re tall and lithe. You have a bright face and an excellent body. You should have more confidence in it.”

“I’m too tall,” Shanna said. “I was almost a head taller than my last boyfriend. He was always intimidated by me.”

And we come to the source of the seriousness.

Hanna tilted her head up to emphasize her point. “I’m not intimidated.”

“That’s different.” Shanna shrugged her shoulders. “You’re my teacher.”

Hanna shook her head. “Not anymore. I think you’re very attractive, and I’d like to show you just how much so right now.”

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Heather in Haven Finis

HHFMistress stroked Heather’s neck and Heather turned to face her. Heather could see any sign of disappointment gone. She had pleased her Mistress.

“You learn very quickly.” Mistress brought her fingers down to the rings in Heather’s nipples and teased them. “I have been so very pleased to watch you grow. Now, it is time. I want you to do something very special for me.”

“Anything, Mistress.” Heather looked up into Mistress Victoria’s eyes.

“I want you to find a new submissive.”

Heather stepped back. Mistress’ words were a slap across the face. Was she not pleasing anymore? Had she become too willful, too commanding with the slaves and patrons? She did not want to stop being Mistress Victoria’s submissive.


Heather shook her head. “I – I can’t.”

Heather turned and ran out the door. She made her way through the crowd of patrons swaying on the dance floor and dashed up the stairway to the balcony. She found a dark corner and sat down on the floor, pulling her knees up to her chin and trying, unsuccessfully to hold back tears.

What had she done to fail?

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Heather in Haven Eight

HH8Mia rubbed her hands together, and Heather could see the fear and insecurity on display. She felt compassion for this woman, who was about to be pushed, maybe further than even John had taken her. Heather decided to give her time to breathe, and stepped back, so that Mia had clear path to the door. If she wanted to break away, if this was too much, she would not hold it against her. She would even find her and John together, and bring them back, let him show her the experiences that Mia was used to.

If she stayed, Heather wanted to make sure that Mia had time to think of the possibilities, to build up her anxiety, to allow her imagination to flourish before submitting to it.

Mia looked behind her to the door, and it seemed she recognized the choice she was being given. Heather kept her expression measured, letting her concern and sympathy show on her face. She did not want Mia to think she would be driven away. If power had been given to Heather, it was Heather’s right to let Mia wield a little of it.

Besides, Heather recognized what Mia was doing. Slavery was giving her freedom to experience things she would never have done before, and it was also relieving her of culpability. She wanted to make sure that Mia understood, even when she handed over that power, she was still responsible for how it was wielded. If it was too much, she could walk away.

Mia turned to Adam. “I’m ready.”

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